HuffPost and Other Websites Recommend “Now What?”

Popular Huffington Post blogger — and MFA program director — Stephanie Vanderslice recently highlighted “Now What? The Creative Writer’s Guide to Success After the MFA” for her readers, even recommending it as a more practical alternative to that other new book for MFA candidates, the very buzz-worthy “MFA vs. NYC.”  In comparing the two titles, Vanderslice writes, “If it’s genuinely useful information you’re looking for, from people who, like you, are trying to keep body and soul and writing together, Now What is probably what you’re looking for.”

Other websites and e-publications, including Bill & Dave’s Cocktail Hour, Erika Dreifus’ blog, and Grub Street’s newsletter, have also recently recommended “Now What?”

Stay tuned.  There’s much more to come!


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