Alumni-Led Publications, Organizations, and Events

First Person Editing Services Manuscript editing business of Chris Belden (Jan. 2011) and his copy editor wife, Melissa DeMeo
Martlet & Mare An independent publishing outfit founded by Editor-in-Chief Colin D. Halloran (Jan. 2012)
Now What? Handbook to life after the MFA created by FUMFA alumni (see link for complete list of everyone involved)
Ridgefield Writers Conference Conference founded by Adele Annesi (July 2013), Chris Belden (January 2011), and Rebecca Dimyan (January 2013)
Running Wild Press Press founded by Lisa Kastner (July 2012)
Spry Literary Journal Published by Erin Olilla (July 2012) and Linsey Jayne (July 2012)
String Poet Online journal of poetry and music founded by Annabelle Moseley (Jan. 2011)
Words for Words  Editing and writing services firm of Adele Annesi (July 2013) and Rebecca Dimyan (January 2013)
Woodhall Press Press founded by Christopher Madden (January 2013), David LeGere (January 2014), and Colin Hosten (July 2014)