Essays, Short Stories, and Poetry Publications

 Alum  Cohort Publication
Abreu, Daisy C.  Jan. 2013
  • Essay, “A for Ambition,” in Spry Literary Journal‘s “ABC’s of Writing (for Beginners)” series
Annesi, Adele July 2013
Baker, Travis  Jan. 2013
Balsley, Sarah July 2011
  • Essay, “A Mother’s Last Wishes,”on NPR’s This I Believe website
Battaglia, Hayley Jan. 2014
Bayer, Michael July 2011
  • Short story, “The Termination,” in ThugLit.
  • Short story ,“We Three Kings,” was published in The Westchester Review.
  • Short story, “Long Island Resurrection,” in Union Station Magazine. 
    All were published pseudonymously under the name Leon Marks
Belden, Chris  Jan. 2011
Berry, Mark Jan. 2012
  • Audio short story, “Bike=Freedom,” in 4’33” – The Audio Magazine 
  • Essay, “Dad’s Catboat—My Old Man and the Sea” (with the companion song “Dad’s Catboat”), in Port Cities Review
  • Essay, “Make the Relax” (with the companion song “The Infinite Steps”), in Under the Sun
  • Essay, “Tighty-Whitie Deep Sea Divers” (with the companion song of the same name, developed in collaboration with Christopher and Malachai Madden), in The Stoneslide Corrective
  • Essay, “On the 20th Floor” (with companion song of the same name), in Epiphany: An Unpretentious Publication
  • Short story, “Wild Hair up Your Nose” (with the companion song “Tear It Out”), in Graze Literary Food Magazine 
  • Six articles (with companion songs) in Airways Magazine
    Mark is a contributing editor for the magazine.
  • Essay, “Ode to ERAU Baseball,” in ERAU LIFT
Bohm, Devon Jan. 2014
Campbell, Kristan July 2016
Carvalko, Joe Jan. 2011
Chesbro, James M. July 2011
Clark, Shannon Jan. 2015
Cleland, Abbey  Jan. 2014
  •  Essay, “K is for Knot,” in Spry Literary Journal‘s “ABC’s of Fiction Writing” series
Collins, Robin  Jan. 2013
Cook, LaRue July 2015
DeLarm-Neri, Jeanne Jan. 2012
DeStefano, Michael Jan. 2012
 Dillon, Alena  July 2011
Dimyan, Rebecca Jan. 2013
DiPrinzio, Andrew July 2015
Erickson, Moriah July 2013
  • Poem, “Milton Mine,” in Aqueous Magazine 
  • Poem, “Perfusion,” in Blood and Thunder:   Musings on the Art of Medicine
 Faugno, John  Jan. 2016
Fitzpatrick, David Jan. 2011
  • Essay, “Just Melancholy Stuff,” in The Perch
Gorton, Kate  Jan. 2013
Hajducky, Dan  July 2014
Halloran, Colin D. Jan. 2012
  • Two poems and a photograph in Helix Magazine
  • Microessay on the impact of war  in Japan’s Shukan Kinyobi (in translation)
  • Essay, “O is for On-Ramping,” in in Spry Literary Journal‘s “ABC’s of Writing (for Beginners)” series
 Hamilton, Matthew  Jan. 2013
Harper, Stephanie July 2012
Hilts, Elizabeth Jan. 2011
Hosten, Colin  July 2014
Jacopi, Kathryn V. July 2015
Johnson, Laura  July 2016 Poem, “Not Yet,” in Blue Heron Review
Poem, “Skydiving,” in Time of Singing
Poems, “Misjudged,” “Prayer at the Passing of a Stray Cat,” “In the Garden,” and “Intervention,” in The New Southern Fugitives
Poem, “Aside,” in Peeking Cat Poetry
Poem, “Mini Van,” in Literary Mama
Poem, “Koi,” Ground Fresh Thursdays
Poem, “Bats in a Tailspin (formerly “Dress for Success”) ” in Lighten Up
Poem, “Smiley Faces,” in In Celebration of Sisters
Poem, “Gloss,” in 50 Haikus
Poem, “Bloodline,” in Assisi, a Journal of Arts and Letters
Poem, “Wings,” Snakeskin
Kastner, Lisa July 2012
  • Essay, “My Body,” in Literary Orphans Journal
  • Essay, “Too Much Scar Tissue (My First Tattoo),” in InkNTell 
Koubek, Christine Jan. 2013
LaFreniere, Matt July 2012
Law, Brooke Adams  Jan. 2013
Lemos, Phil  Jan. 2012
Lide, Mary July 2015
Madden, Christopher  Jan. 2013
Mancuso, Nick  July 2014
Marmanides, Maria  July 2014
McCready, James  July 2014
Moseley, Annabelle Jan. 2011
Nacker, Sally Jan. 2013
  • Poems, “My Father’s Eighty-fifth Birthday,” “The Naturalist,” and “A Preponderance in Spring” in The Wayfarer: a Journal of Contemplative Literature
  • Several poems, most recently “Florist During Loss” and “Prayer During Rain,” in issues of Mezzo Cammin: An Online Journal of Formalist Poetry by Women
 O’Connell, A.J.  July 2011
Ollila, Erin (Corriveau) July 2012
Opidee, Ioanna July 2011
 Polsgrove, Fred  Jan. 2015
 Quinn, Dennis  Jan. 2012
  •  Excerpt from The Girl Electricity Shunned published in CTPost
Reyna, Jessie  July 2015
 Rose, Kristin  July 2014
Ross, Jillian July 2013
  • Essay, “V is for Voice,” in Spry Literary Journal‘s  “ABC’s of Fiction Writing” series
  • Poems “Song of Locust” and“Peace: A Villanelle for Gerard Manley Hopkins”  in Dappled Things
  • Poems, “Writing on the Wall” and “The Letter,” in Noctua Review
  • Poem, “Starry Night,” in r.kv.r.y. quarterly literary journal
  • Poem, “Remembrance,” on (Memorial Day Commemoration Issue)
  • Poem, “The Healer,” in Extract(s): your daily dose of lit and Extract(s) Anthology II
  • Poem, “After Friday,” in Poetry Quarterly
Schneider, Katherine  Jan. 2011
Shaffer, Christine Jan. 2011
Sherman, Jane Jan. 2011
  • First chapter of memoir, Invasion of Privacy, in the publications produced by the Weston Magazine Group
Sleeper, Sarah July 2012
St. Jean, Heidi July 2012
Wanamaker, Barbara  July 2013
  • Essay, “P is for Paying Attention,” in Spry Literary Journal‘s “ABC’s of Creative Nonfiction” series
  •  Poem, “Vermont,” in Time of Singing
  • Published in The Penwood Review
Wise, J.G.C.  July 2014
 Zaccheo, Daniela July 2015