Table of Contents




by Michael C. White

Letter from the Editor 

by Ashley C. Anderson Zantop


Part One: Your Program

Before the Degree and Immediately Thereafter

Map for the Weary Traveler
by Linsey Jayne

Chapter 1: Invest Early

edited by Ashley C. Andersen Zantop

How Can I Use This? The Creative Use of Academic Requirements
by William Patrick

Strategy and the Reading List
by Jennifer Emerson

Your Journey Starts Here
by Adele Annesi

Chapter 2: Alumni Community; Find Your People

edited by Ashley C. Andersen Zantop and Erin Corriveau

Your Literary Siblings: Engaging Your Alumni Community for Lifelong Inspiration
by Michael Bayer


Part Two: Your Life

After the Degree and the Rest of Your Writing Career

She is Asked, Do You Write According to a Set Schedule?
by Baron Wormser

Chapter 3: Stay Connected to Your People

edited by Erin A. Corriveau

MFA Community
by Linsey Jayne

The Isle of Write
by Cisco Covino

Community and Support
by Phil Lemos

The Necessity of Writers Groups
by A.J. O’Connell

Workshop Options
by Chris Belden

The Power of Two: The Advantage of the Writing Buddy
by Adele Annesi

Literary Mind Link
by Linsey Jayne

A Workshop for the Rest of Your Life
by Michael Bayer

Chapter 4: Stay Connected to Your Industry

edited by Michael Bayer

Welcome to Your Industry
by Ashley C. Andersen Zantop

Hello, My Name Is ________
by Michael Bayer

The AWP Experience for First Timers
by Erin A. Corriveau

Associations, Memberships and Subscriptions for Writers
by Ashley C. Andersen Zantop and Michael Bayer

Conferences and Trade Shows
by Ashley C. Andersen Zantop

Chapter 5: Write

edited by Adele Annesi

Life Happens: How to Keep Writing Anyway
by Suzanne Matson

The Writer’s Retreat
by Karen Osborn

Afternoon Delight: A Cup of Tea and a Writing Fix
by Rebecca Dimyan

Learn to Write and Keep on Writing
by Bonnie Cook

Technically Speaking—and Writing; Software and Other Writing Aids, Tricks and Tools
by Adele Annesi

Chapter 6: Conviction, Commitment and Forgiveness

edited by Erin A. Corriveau

Ode to the Cursor
by Zac Zander

The Creative Imperative
by Pete Nelson

Maintain Creativity, or, Why I Went to Workshop the Morning after Graduation
by Jean M. Medeiros

Writing Reality for Breadwinners
by Matthew Winkler

Setting Goals the Easy Way
by A.J. O’Connell

by Barbara Wannamaker

From an Artist to Herself
by Brooke Adams Law

A Kinship of Fugitives; Why Writers Need Writers in Life and on the Page
by Rachel Basch

Life Comes First
by Baron Wormser

Chapter 7: Put Yourself and Your Writing Out There

edited by Michael Bayer

Put it Out There; Persistence, Revision and Simultaneous Submissions
by Mark Berry

The Author Will Give a Public Reading
by Travis Baker

Indispensible You; Five Ways to Build Your Brand in the Writing Marketplace
by Lary Bloom

Build Your Personal Brand
by Lisa Diane Kastner

WWW: Writer Websites that Work
by Lisa Calderone

What’s the Right Kind of Success?
by A.J. O’Connell

Blogging Resources for Writers
by Erin A. Corriveau

Chapter 8: Make Ends Meet (While You Work on Your Masterpiece)

edited by Michael Bayer

The Ghost Life
by Travis Baker

Yes, I Can Write That
by Abbey Cleland

The Business of Freelance Writing
by Sarah Sleeper

Surviving the Adjunct Lifestyle: Advice from the Cliff’s Edge
by Ioanna Pettas Opidee

Grants and Fellowships; Where to Look, When to Apply
by Carol Ann Davis

Health Insurance for Writers
by Meredith Kazer

Group Plans and Resources
by Heather Zullinger

Before We Knew Them; Jobs Our Literary Heroes Held
by Ashley C. Andersen Zantop

Chapter 9: Put Your Degree to Work: Careers for Writers

edited by Ashley C. Andersen Zantop

True Confessions of an MFA Grad
by Steve Otfinoski

What About the C Word? Creative Careers in Marketing and Communications
by Michael Bayer

Your MFA and the Fourth Estate
by A.J. O’Connell

Listen Up! Put Your MFA to Work in the Audiobook Industry
by Justin Scace

My Career as a Freelancer
by Steve Otfinoski

Into the Afterwards; On Landing Tenure-Track Teaching Jobs and Diving into Your Post-MFA Life
by Carol Ann Davis

More than One Calling
by Ashley C. Andersen Zantop

Chapter 10: Publishing Options (and Some Basic Rules to Follow, or Not)

edited by A.J. O’Connell

Small Press? Large Publishing House? Both? Neither?
by Alan Davis

The Pirate’s Code of Submission Absolutes
by Linsey Jayne

Self-Publishing; An Overview and Insights
by Mark Berry

Self-Publishing to the Mainstream Spotlight; A Tale of Internet Fame and Fortune
by Heather Frizzell

Going Paper-Free; When Your Book is an eBook
by A.J. O’Connell

What to Expect When You’re Expecting Your First Book
by Deborah Henry

Chapter 11: Your Agent

edited by A.J. O’Connell

How I Found My Agent
by A.J. O’Connell
by Alena Dillon
by David Fitzpatrick
by Stephanie Harper
by Elizabeth Hilts

How to Land a Literary Agent: Some Dos and One Don’t
by Deborah Henry

Agents; Decrease the Variables, Increase Your Chances
by Ashley C. Andersen Zantop

Chapter 12: From Copyrights to Contracts: Business Basics

edited by Jean M. Medeiros

Basic Copyright
by Joe Carvalko

Publishing Contract Basics
by Ashley C. Andersen Zantop

Where to Go For Business and Legal Help
by Jean M. Medeiros


edited by Ashley C. Andersen Zantop


edited by Ashley C. Andersen Zantop


edited by Erin A. Corriveau and Ashley C. Andersen Zantop

Workshops and Memberships
by Adele Annesi

Additional Resources
by Adele Annesi

About The Program That Inspired This Work

edited by Ashley C. Andersen Zantop and Michael C. White

The Program
by Michael Bayer